Scientific Inquiry+Creative Genius+Magical YOU=Your Magnetic Brand

A brand is a living, breathing thing that demands attention and nourishment. While you build your business, we’re here make your brand looking sharp–beautiful and functional–to magnify your message and be noticed in the world.

Your role: put your feet up and have fun, belly laughs fun!

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The Brand Lab

Through a wildly fun process that marries scientific assessment and open-hearted creativity, and intuition, we’ll map out your brand story in all its beautiful glory.

Then, we create the visuals, the identity that everyone sees, which is much more than just a set of hex codes, fonts, and logo usage guidelines. It’s the heartbeat, the breath, and the soul of your brand, your business–a pixelated experience of you

Are you ready to become the influencer you’re meant to be? Because, you’re too good to be overlooked or hide.

A magnetic brand is something you can’t skim in your business. Top businesses already know this: to rise above the online “ol’ boriness,” you must infuse yourself into your brand.

The good news is: you don’t need a huge budget, a big team, endless hours a day, or your sanity to make a big win in your business. All you need is your brilliance.

Take the quiz to discover the superheroine you’re deemed to be in your brand. Then, show up as the most magical version of yourself to open floodgates of success! Not just any success, but one aligned with your soul and your audience, on your own terms.

Boo, we are forecasting 100% increased visibility and business growth. Are you game?

So much of digital branding today is lacking humanity, passion, and authenticity.

Until now.

At The Branding Collective, I work with business owners and entrepreneurs on a deep, intimate level to create personal brands that truly represent what makes you different on the inside.

I’m Olga Pontes, a Portuguese-born, American-based, and world-made branding expert. After years in the microscopy lab + more years as a designer and artist, I’ve developed a push-pull process of co-collaboration that brings the most exquisite, intellectual, and visually stunning elements of you together in a one-of-a-kind brand.

Through a beautiful marriage of right-brained creativity and left-brained brilliance, we bring your youness and youmess out onto the digital page in a stunning brand story that fills you with confidence and pride so you can leave your mark on the world.

Don’t just build a brand.
Build a piece of humanity.

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