Crafting personal brand visual stories for visionary world-shifters stand-out and make an impact.


– Do you feel overwhelmed with all the information out there on how to create a brand?

– Is your brand misaligned, disconnected and inconsistent with the soul of your business?

– Is your message standing out online?

– Cookie-cutter type brand identity makes you sick.

– Are you struggling to voice your vision or take it to the next level?

– You’re sick of outdated sales-y marketing techniques that don’t work.

– Is your vision more significant than yourself and so different that you fear that your tribe won’t get it?

You’re in the right place, I can help you not do boring.

Here’s how


Bring out your creative side and your logical side and have them sit at the table together to create your unique personal brand story that is aligned with your business.


You do you and we create the space that allows you to to express yourself authentically, boldly and unapologetically and create the visuals that are the expression of your journey and connects deeply with your audience.


Create a brand story that increase your business social media presence, drawing on your unique and authentic qualities as a human being to connect you with the tribe you’re here to help.

Are you a: Wise Glow, Wild Heart, Soul Smith or Joyful Creative?
Take the quiz to find out and begin creating your soul-aligned brand today.

“Branding is a profound manifestation of the human condition. It is about belonging: belonging to a tribe, to a religion, to a family. Branding demonstrates that sense of belonging. It has this function for both the people who are part of the same group and also for the people who don’t belong.” – Wally Olins

Why Branding collective?

Hi there! I’m Olga Maria, a designer and brand storyteller, supporting visionaries, innovators, entrepreneurs, game-changers and action-takers, just like you, building personal brands from the bottom up until they take on a visual heartbeat of their own.

I believe visual branding is about magnifying the humanity in your business, by being authentically, unapologetically and boldly you, and that’s what I specialize in. The result is the elevation of your beautiful, unique voice so that it stands out in the clutter and connects you directly with your audience.

Here at the studio, we specialize in the uncommon marriage of creativity and logic, resulting in original and smart brand story concepts that honor your work and won’t break the bank, either.

In the studio, the secret for creating a stand-out brand is simple and it starts with your brand story.

This where, the beauty of imagination French kisses the business of function… as a policy.

Where the artwork on the screen nods approvingly at the science of the sale… and makes room for both.

Where originality (eagerly!) locks eyes with profitability – and refuses to break the stare.

And, where no brand is ever just another brand, but a living, breathing, pulsating, pixel-panting representation of your most brilliant thoughts, ideas, layers, feelings, emotions, desires, philosophies, beliefs, imagination, knowledge, expertise & sun-blinding hopes for the world.

Are you ready to tell your story online?

Don’t just build a brand. 

Build a piece of humanity …Yours.

I share personal stories, inspiration and branding. It's 100% free for people who want to enhance their own creative edge and take no prisoners when it comes to the war that is art!

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