Random Acts of Kindness

Inspiration, Mindset

When we moved from Portugal to the US, we were living in St. Louis in a tiny apartment next to a gas station. The lady working there was a sweetheart, going for gas was always a fun experience!

We never knew each other’s names, but she was always so kind, telling jokes and stuffing the kid with free donuts. In Christmas, she even offered us a homemade salsa which was probably the hottest I ever had in my life (we still have that mason jar).

I think she knew how lost we were in the first months of the move and she wanted to make us feel welcome. Even though we never saw the lady again after that Christmas, I never forgot her kindness. Sometimes your seemly small gesture makes a difference in somebody else’s life.

So, in the name of the unknown lady of the gas station and her random acts of kindness, if you’re into homemade jams to give your friends or know someone that it is, grab these sweet labels here. It’s a small gesture-big heart kind of day💕🙏🏻

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