A brand should be two things: beautiful and functional!

Get the beauty part right, but not the function?

And you’ll be left with an identity that looks good but falls flat.

Think: Zero phone calls, zero inquiries, zero of the things you need to make this business work.

Get the function right, but skip the beauty? And you’ll be left with a brand that is obvious …but awful.

Think: No one can read your words because they’re too distracted by an unappealing design.

Or worse, they find you unprofessional.

Or they just get “a gut feeling” and decide not to pursue it any further.

The thing about beauty and the thing about is that you need both in order to

build a visual identity that doesn’t just talk the talk – but walks the walk.

That’s what we call a “brand.”

That’s why here, we marry creativity + logic to craft your personal brand based on your story in a way that most
other design firms skip.

Typically, they shine in one area …and leave the other to chance. 

But that’s simply not a risk anyone should take.

Not when it comes to your baby.

Not when it comes to your one shot to get this right.

You have a story ready to be shared and you know it will transform the collective experience.
You’ve been dreaming about it all your life: It’s your call, vision, and purpose!

But, you shouldn’t have to pick:

A brand that works …or a brand that bewitches?

A brand that’s cheap …or a brand that’s gorgeous?

A brand that’s cookie cutter …or brand that’s custom?

Normally, you can’t have it all. But when it comes to building a new brand, you can. (Don’t tell.)

Let’s count on one hand the ways you’re going craft your personal brand with us, The Branding Collective:

Thumb through any glossy catalog, and you’ll realize that branding isn’t all pixels or patterns, pretty shapes, and clean lines. It’s an atypical love affair—closed doors, no limits & unbound possibilities.

The point? Everyone’s competing for the confetti-laden attention they (probably) won’t receive. And, amid the static noise and calamitous chaos, you are standing at the center, quietly calculating how to smash your love and design together, creating the pulse of your brand that’ll bring your clients to their knees.

The middle of the road isn’t enough. Good ideas are a dime a dozen. But great ideas spawn from that intrepid little intersection where soul and science collide. A paint fight on a clean canvas, or a belly-deep scream into the void.

So ring your celebratory bell. (You do have a celebratory bell, don’t you?) You’re a part of your design, stitched into the seams and impossible to ignore. Don’t underplay your part in this.

Because it’s a pinky promise that when you have an unforgettable brand? No introductions are necessary.

After all, your brand makes you (and your meaningful contributions to humanity), KNOWN.

You are tired of DIY and trying all online courses that don’t provide results.

You want all new everything …and stat. A brand that’s going to take you from a nobody to a somebody, a brand that invites business, sustains your soul and honors your service and genius zone.

You want not just a new look, but a new person to help you put it all together and build a brand with the story you are meant to share, which is brilliant, outstanding and loved!

You’re ready to co-create a brand that is more than just a logo and a pretty font but the visual interpretation of your key message.

Because you deserve the brand of your dreams in a way that feels like you.

Because you were born for this!

Be Warned: our creative partnership doesn’t just end with a logo, but an ongoing development of your brand story in your empire’s arsenal of communication tools and products, that will have you putting your best foot forward from day one.

This is what we call “art” – YOURS.

When you co-create with us, we craft your genuine brand elixir infused with your soul:

Step 1. You – one and only,

Step 2. Your story – the only one you’re here to tell, and

Step 3. The story of your community

Step 4. We then bring all together and take the magic a step further, translating all the above into a brand identity that feels like your skin and creates a truthful and emotional connection, to transform the lives aligned with your purpose and calling.

Your role:

Bring your story and thoughts

Change your relationship with your brand and business once and for all, and build a magical digital presence throughout, with a peace of mind and money in the bank, while you sleep.

Put your feet up and have fun!

Our role:

We’ll work from a clean slate, develop your all-new online brand story and identity from scratch …and broadcast it on the world wide web, building a digital piece of functional art that makes you money.

At the end of our engagement, you don’t just look like a whole different business—you are!

Check how we can help below. We can wait to meet you and get our hands dirty!


Brand Story

Feeling like your brand doesn’t represent you anymore? Decide to go in a new direction and need the right look to match?

With our signature branding system, we’ll start from head, and go all the way down to your tippy toes to uncover your soulful brand story and develop a new identity from scratch, including an all-new logo, color palette, styles, and those cute little details you just can’t get enough of.

Investment: $3000 

What's included in the Metamorphosis

• Your Brand Story: Your story, what you are and are not, purpose, vision, and mission; and your audience’s story.

• Brand identity:
– Inspiration mood-board
– Brand color palette
– Primary logo and sub-mark/initials
– Supporting fonts combination and guideline
– One gorgeous pattern and one icon
– Brand photography style (with a collection of 10 stock photos with the look and feel of your brand)
– One business card
– Facebook cover
– One launch social media post

• Brand style guide
An implementable guide to help you create stunning content that you can use across your online presence after our work together. Includes: brand story, mood-board, color palette, logos, and fonts combination, brand photography, ana guidelines on how to use all these elements.

Timeline: 4 weeks

Add-on: 5-page website – $1500

Payment plans available


Social Media Story for
Instagram & Pinterest

Tired of your existing social media presence? You have a brand look …but need to build brand awareness on social media?

We’ll take what you’ve got now, throw it into my creative studio, apply our signature brand story-crafting process, and deliver a gorgeous new brand social media story infused with your personality and essence for you to get a leg up …before anyone else can.

Investment: $2500

What's included in the Metamorphosis

• Your Social Media Story: Your story, what you are and are not, purpose, vision, and mission; your audience’s story; micro-content guidelines to create a cohesive brand awareness

• Brand social media templates:
– Mood-board
– Profile photo
– Four Facebook banners
– Seven social media posts templates/graphics for Instagram and Pinterest
– Four blog posts graphics templates– Brand photography style: a collection of 10 stock photos according to the look and feel of your brand,br.- Social Media Style Guide: we define the look, feel and content of your social media platforms and develop 20 posts, photos and captions
– Curation of 8 Pinterest boards for a month

Timeline: 4 weeks

Payment plans available


Book Story

Already have everyhting figured out and ready to spread your message in a book/e-book?

I say: OUI!!!! 

We delve deep and create the perfect editorial design, covers, internal pages, graphics and photos. All customized to the story you’re here to tell and nothing is done by chance. 

Connect with me and we’ll make the metamorphosis happen in no time.

Investment: request a custom quote below.


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