Reasons to Fall head-over heels with your brand

The first chills hit the city, days are shorter, and nature changes its hues. Are you feeling the warmth and enjoying the earthy tones where you live?


With the season transition, routines change. You shift into a different mindset, cozying up more in the office with an apple candle and a hot latte. As entrepreneurs, we look at our goals and still want to achieve those Q4 numbers.


No matter who and how you serve, your audience is going through the same changes as you. They still want to get the financials back on track. Or a job to shine. Or be more healthy. Or have the dream love.
But how can you make your brand visible and loved by those who need you? The answer is to inspire, rekindle, and meet your audience where they are. To do so, give them irresistible reasons to be excited about your brand this season, such as fresh looks and an authentic and empathetic personality.
Here’s what you need to know and do to flip the script and build a brand personality infused with Fall’s flavors.

Is the Fall personality right for you?

I love HubSpot’s definition of brand personality:
—”A brand’s personality is the set of human characteristics you attribute to that brand. Or, put another way — it’s how you’d describe a brand if it were a person.”
And, since each personality is never dull, use it often to set your brand apart. Let’s find out if the Fall personality is the one that aligns with you.
To start, don’t be fooled by the mellow air! Fall’s personality is ambitious, energetic, productive, loyal, and caring. It’s meant to build long-term relationships.
A Fall brand voice is approachable and friendly. At the same time, they are intelligent and original. Thus, they use a thoughtful, conversational tone, vivid descriptions, and layers of unconventional curiosity.
The Fall brand is bold, the first to step out of its comfort zone to challenge the rules. Yet, it is also the season of history and storytelling. Try mixing the new and the old to create a fascinating experience for your audience.

Crafting the visuals of the Fall brand personality

By crafting a visual identity that captures the essence of Fall and conveys your brand values, you differentiate your brand and build trust.


Setting the mood with a vibrant color story

What’s happening in nature inspires your brand’s visual mood. Step outside—breathe the sweet air, feel the cozy touch on your skin, and let them be your muses. Fall is all senses on steroids—intense and rich. There’s an earthy warmth in the air and a sense of harmony.
The bold Fall color palette is lit up by the warm tones of yellow, copper, orange, red, and brown. But, this brand personality challenges the status quo. Throw a few surprises at your color story. Adding unexpected hints of grays, green, neutral beiges, or deep blues (indigo or cobalt) builds a fascinating brand.

Surprise with textures and fonts

Fall likes to play! Replace perfect geometric shapes with bold hand-drawn lines and brush strokes. Circles are your besties for the season if any geometric shape should be used.
Playful textural backgrounds, like rough wood or leaves, add extra layers of interest. Flowers can be used too (why not?), bold and warm, rich in shapes and colors.
Keeping the bold theme for the Fall, update your brand with bold, round, almost chunky, bold fonts. Check out the examples below.

Tending to your website and socials

Have you been paying attention to your website lately? Unfortunately, we tend to need to remember. But websites are the internet dinosaurs that are not going extinct. Instead, they are evolving.
A website provides a solid brand visibility platform, spreads your message, and brings solid leads. And you control your content without the social media heartaches (AKA, the algorithm monster). So, it’s good for business to update it occasionally.
Refreshing your website with a Fall color story is the first step because your audience will assess your brand just in color alone. Then, update photos with season-themed imagery. Fall photos are rich and intense. Also, using contrast and a vintage feeling, the Fall brand is grounding, comforting, and welcoming.
The images put nature in the front row, spotlighting the season’s colors with warm natural light. Think apples, beautiful golden light spots, yellow fields, color-changing leaves, trees, blankets, fireplaces, and people coming together by the fire pit.
The next step is to bring the Fall brand to life on social media by using the same colors and imagery in your posts. Mismatched visual storytelling confuses your message and, thereby, your audience. Finally, add fun and surprise to your stories with seasonal stickers.
In the example below, we updated the Joyful Creative” website template” with a few changes. The process is simple and does not need to be overwhelming.

Rise higher than the competition by shifting the narrative

Your audience breathes just like you. It has ever-changing emotions, needs, wishes, and moods. Thus, your brand must be a dynamic entity. Let’s see how you can spice up your brand:

Get rid of cookie cutters and copycatting

Brands and information are everywhere, and you take them to sleep in your bed. It’s creepy. So, it is easy to take inspiration from the surroundings to your brand without even notice. Besides, familiarity is comforting and safe, but they are brand killers. Be inspired by others’ work, and then add your creativity to make it original.

Connect deeply

Share stories of people who overcame challenges and succeeded while experiencing your brand. Showcasing how your brand impacts real life, you emotionally connect with your prospects. You show you understand them and support their aspirations.

Consistently, you go

Stick to your intense look, feel, and tone. Everywhere. It gets you known. Period.

Stand for something or do nothing

Tell your audience why you do what you do and why you care. Caring is lovely! When you have a genuine passion and purpose behind your actions, it shines through and inspires others. It gives meaning to your work and connects to others. Decide on what matters and go for it.
Updating your brand and marketing channels with Fall’s essence creates momentum and excitement. Meeting your audience where they are shows you are on the same journey. It is simple but will bring them to their knees. Importantly, it puts you in your way of having 1000 true fans—the ones that matter. 🙂
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