Breath your magic into your brand

Need a bespoke logo for your brand? But, is the flow of new ideas low, or don’t know where to start? Yeah, we see you. The creative mind sometimes hits a wall, and all things self-doubt follows.
Worry not. You already have it in you. Yes, you need a logo to capture your brand’s message and communicate it to your audience. But, creating it does not need to be like a nightmare before the Christmas kind of process. Sometimes, we just need to stop, slow down, look around our environment, and we are already creating by default in our day-to-day. Simply paying attention to specific details.
Here’s a simple modern logo idea that is an exact pixelated version of you.

Step 1: Rock your logo fonts

In a world going more digital than ever, do you still use an old-fashioned paperback journal or any other physical form? Even if you don’t love your handwriting style, science says that each of us has a particular way of it. It is one of our unique identifiers.
Using your own handwriting as your logo’s base font can be a very fantastic option to spice up your brand logo. We all love commercial script fonts, but they tend to be overused, becoming less memorable over time. So why not try your own? Any word you write, even on a napkin of your fav coffee shop, can be transformed into a vector, cleaned of imperfections, and used in any logo. It’s kind of a handwriting napkin going digital.
It is so powerful that it interacts well with your audience, connecting with your message and offerings.

Step 2: Add a fitting icon

If you like doodling, you probably noticed already that it gets your creativity flowing. But, if you doodle a lot, are there any doodles that come up all the time? If you think about it, what do you do first when you are listening to something and have a piece of paper at hand? Is it relevant to your brand? These can be relatable options to use in the logo.
Or you can add a symbol representing ideas or specific qualities of your services, brand message, feelings.
First, it’s essential to identify your brand keywords. Next, consider what your brand means, your why and vision playing together now and in the future.
Then, it can be a great idea to find an icon that represents it. Or it can be an illustration you love or meaningful to you. The icon stands alone, up above the clutter. It is so powerful that it interacts well with your audience, connecting with your message and offerings.

Step 3: Just add play

Then enter the creativity playground, put both words and icons together and play with layouts, sizes, and formats.
These three steps kickstart your basic logo idea. Then, play until achieve your desired result.
We can always make you life easy! Be inspired with these semi-custom designer brands🙂