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Lindsey Jo Scott’s life is all about creativity, spreading her art to beautify our world. She’s an artist, designer, and writer living at the intersection of creativity and spirituality. Don’t miss a thing below, it’s a true artist story! Lindsey’s brand story is all about beauty and authenticity
What do you offer in your business and superpowers?
I create bright, bold, and joyful work with motifs of geometrics and abstract florals alongside positive messages intended to be a celebration of life alongside all the complex emotions of being human.
I also teach creative mindfulness workshops to help people quiet their inner critic, connect to their own wisdom, and liberate their creative dreams. In addition, I write and publish a weekly email letter with notes about mental health, finding delight in every day, creative medicine, and stories of my own experience.
My superpower is my own mind and sensitivity. I live with a neurodivergent brain and chronic pain. While these certainly present their own challenges, I now see and celebrate these as superpowers that help me move through the world in my own way.

A personal brand—Lindsey living her art

I would like to create a revolution around…
I would like to create a revolution around creativity and mindfulness. I believe these are both essential to living a full life and fundamental to creating the world I’d like to live in.
What inspires you…
I am most inspired by nature, poetry, music, and travel. Each of these experiences require more of my full embodied attention and the reward for noticing is always inspiration.
My fav person in the world…
My fav person in the world is myself. It feels almost silly to say that, but it’s taken me a long time to say that I love and like myself and really mean it. I’m still learning how to care for myself, but I really like who I am and I’m proud of that.
I cherish…
I cherish the miracle that is being alive! Like many, my story includes trauma, grief, heartbreak, and overwhelm, but it has also been full of joy, beauty, wonder, healing, and delight. I’m here for all of it!
I despise…
I despise the idea that any one person isn’t important. The very fact that you exist is a cosmic miracle! You are a masterpiece – a piece of the master! I despise the cultural notions and expectations of perfectionism that keep people from experiencing the full expansiveness of their own being.
Words to live by…
Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love. It’s something I’m still learning, but I think it’s one of the most important journeys we can take – to learn to love and trust ourselves. I think we learn this is community as we support and love each other.
The outfit of your life is…
The outfit of my life is always changing! At the moment, I’ve been enjoying a more limited color palette with my outfits because there are less decisions involved. I like black and white with pops of color. I’m really into stripes right now too as well as denim jackets and bright, bold earrings and rings.
If I was a color I would be…
Hot pink. It’s just so bold and happy and I love it so much!
If I was a celebrity I would be…
I don’t know how to answer this. I suppose I’ve always imagined myself as a famous poet or abstract painter, perhaps like a modern day Frida Kahlo or Mary Oliver.
If I was an animal I would be…
A cat!
If I was a scent I would be…
Jasmine flowers.
If I was a symbol I would be…
A 10-pointed star – so mystical!
If I was a word I would be…
Nostalgia – I just like that word – isn’t that ironic?!
Are you related to fire, water, air, or earth? Astrologically speaking, my sun sign is Scorpio which means I’m a water sign. I definitely resonate with this as I feel the most peace and energy by water. My rising sign is Sagittarius, which is a fire sign, and I feel this too. A little water and fire. Interestingly, my name means, “linden tree by the water,” and it feels so perfect for me.
I would love to live in…
New York City! It’s a place where I feel so alive and connected to myself and the energy of inspiration.
I am clean and crisp or artsy and textured or modern or vintage or imperfect or symmetric…
I would say I’m bright, bold, yet also contemplative and inviting.
If I was a season, I would be…
I would be autumn. It’s the dreamiest season!

A personal brand—Lindsey’s brand story

How did you get here? Is your company founded on a family history that brought you to this point? Or are you blazing your trail?
I’m blazing my own trail, baby! I got here because art and creativity has been a constant stabilizing force in my life, through seasons of darkness and deep healing. I constantly return to writing and making as a way of making sense of myself and my experience and as I engage with art and writing, I find more wholeness and help.
What inspired you to create your business, and why does that matter to your clients? Was there a pivotal moment in your life that unleashed a dream or vision?
For most of my life, I have lived with the belief that there is something wrong with me. I lived through trauma, depression, loneliness, and grief, believing that I WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH to be alive, let alone to live out my dreams.
Through the years, art making and writing became a solace and a safe place. Through writing and drawing and painting, I found my way back home to myself.
Finally, I realized I could find a way that worked for me. Over the last 10+ years, through the support of therapists, a trauma support group, a commitment to my creative practice, and years of studying mindfulness, psychology and spirituality, I’m learning that it’s possible to show up exactly as I am – with my different brain and difficult past – and STILL live into my creative dreams. In fact, it is the only way.
For my community, I hope to share the truth that who you are and the things that make you YOU are not something you have to overcome in order to live the life of your dreams. You do not have to wait to have it all figured out. You do not have to fix yourself before you can begin.
Who you already are is your biggest asset. Everything you need, you already have, and we need you to be YOU in the way that only you can while you still have breath in your lungs. You are already more than enough!
Why do you do what you do, and why does it matter?
I make art, write, and teach. More than anything, I believe that my real work in the world as an artist is about showing up to myself, to my experience, to the practice of creating and learning, and allowing this to spill over into my art and life, believing that as we let our own light shine, we invite and empower others to do the same.
What’s your mission and vision?
If I could give one thing right now to make the world better, I would help all humans connect to and liberate their own creativity, to their own minds. I really do believe this is how we will change the world.
What drives you forwards when otherwise you might just give up?
I am driven by a vision of a world where we all take care of each other and the earth, everyone is connected to their unique gifts and role, and we collectively work towards a sustainable future that is abundant and beautiful. I believe that art is fundamental to bringing this vision to life and I’m dedicated to using my life and work to share hope and to inspire others toward understanding our interconnectedness.
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Lindsey is on a mission o help you unleash your dreams through the gentle, healing nourishment of your creative spirit. Connect with her to transform your life!:)
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