Do you want to refresh your brand? Sprinkle it with spring personality.

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Are you canceling out all winter chills and getting ready for Spring? I am. But, as much as I love Marie Kondo, I am not into the hustle and bustle of Spring cleaning. Like any human, I come with flaws and consider myself lazy when it comes to cleaning.
I don’t want to stay indoors:) With the Spring energy boost, I want to run barefoot in wildflower fields. I want to explore the bright colors, exhilarating smells, and possibilities. Spring reminds me of my grandparent’s house, roses, and the occasional allergies and sneezing.
I don’t take my “Spring” laziness too seriously because I am not really lazy. One thing I don’t play around with is thawing your brand from the cold winter blues.
As the winter chill fades away, Spring brings limitless opportunities. What better time to rejuvenate your brand than during this season of renewal? You can breathe fresh life into your brand to boost its impact. Sounds good? Let’s dive in and sprinkle your brand with the Spring personality.

Assess your brand and give it some spring

Brand personality is not a fancy marketing term to throw around meaninglessly. Instead, a distinct personality defines your brand, setting you apart from the competition. In short, your brand personality makes people fall in love with your brand on the spot. Or not!
The personality of the Spring brand is a sight to behold. They are here to help others achieve their full potential while having a good time. It’s a match for designers, photographers, marketers, and life coaches. Like nature, spring brands are lively and filled with vibrant creativity. People are drawn by their charisma as they are authentic, giving, and nurturing. Mostly, they are irresistible fun.
Are you feeling the spirit of Spring in your brand? Is this how you want your brand to be experienced? If so, celebrate your strengths and build upon them. You bring unique value to a particular audience. Recognizing and leveraging these assets elevate your brand to new heights.
If you feel it is not there yet, you’ve got some housekeeping to do. Go beyond the aesthetics and check the core of your brand’s identity. Are your brand messaging and customer experience bringing business? Are your values and mission aligned with the Spring brand? Does your messaging resonate with your target audience? Are you meeting your customers’ needs?
Your answers bring opportunities for improvement. Moreover, it will guide subsequent strategic decisions that create a foundation for growth.

Captivate with the Spring brand looks and feel

Now, let’s dress up your Spring brand with beautiful design.


Spring Color Palette
There’s no way around it; colors are the best way of conveying your brand personality. Color alone can affect your audience’s mood, reaction, and even appetite!
No wonder color helps entrepreneurs make the most impactful connection. With its subtle differences, color can evoke emotions in your target audience like a charm—with empathy and compassion.
A Spring brand personality is uplifting and energetic. The color palette is not dull at all. The colors are bright and warm, with hints of smoothness and delicacy.
So, bring on the more saturated and bright colors with warm undertones with hints of yellow.
Then, let go of muted colors, pastels, and cool blues. Darker colors don’t play the leading role and only support the more colorful hues.
And, if you can’t live without blue, the rule is to use turquoise or mint or add a tint of yellow into a pastel blue. So, get inspired by the examples below.
Shapes, patterns, and textures
For shapes, imperfect motion is the master. Creative circles, polka dots, hand-drawn lines, and other irregular shapes bring the brand to life. There are no minimalistic patterns or textures. Instead, use busy and colorful arrangements. But still, there’s a lightness that we cannot ignore, as you can see in the samples below.
Brand Fonts
Spring fonts are less structured and lighter. Round and bouncy fonts display the playfulness of the Spring Brand. So, serif fonts are a no-go, and sans serif and script put your brand in the spotlight. Always pick legible fonts, so no one misses your brilliant message, like:
Brand Photography
In a world dominated by fast-paced videos, “still” photography communicates your brand story with a depth like no other. For that reason, they can’t be an afterthought.
Your photography captures your brand’s essence in a way that words simply cannot. With a well-curated set of photos, you can quickly share the heart and soul of your business, giving an insider look at how your brand operates.
Keeping up with the spirit of a spring brand, the style is creative, spontaneous, airy, and imperfect. Your brand is eager to make people happy, radiating optimism. They capture the light and life of nature.
So, give your brand photos tons of playfulness and movement. And add a little art of your own for an elevated personality. Even if you are not an artist, your uniqueness will pay off.

Rise your Spring brand voice

You now have the pillars of the Spring brand personality and the looks to go with it. But what you say is as important. And don’t forget about consistency and cohesiveness. These showcase your brand’s personality while building trust and loyalty with your audience.
So, the next step is to craft your brand’s voice and tone. Your brand voice is about what you say, the language/words you use as defined by the spring personality. The tone is how you communicate with your audience–the style you adopt with a set of attached emotions.
So, Spring personalities, embrace who you are, and rise up. You excel in communicating your vision! Let your unique perspective and creativity stand out.
The copy is conversational and jargon-free, with a friendly attitude. Tell your story with style and enthusiasm, adding color for visual interest. Moreover, you shine with your natural spontaneity, proactivity, and forward-thinking mindset.
One way to make your brand personality stand out further is to infuse humor into your content. Humor is powerful in connecting with your audience and creating relatability.
Yet, use it to align with your brand’s voice and values and not at the expense of others. Therefore, we made these Spring stickers so you can add some fun to your content.
Above all, let your love of community be the front-runner in your message. You focus on community and collaboration over self-promotion. Now get out there and let your voice be heard!

Spring is action time for your brand personality

Finally, don’t be afraid to make significant changes if necessary. Consider rebranding or pivoting your strategy to better align your brand with needs.
See how your brand could look like after a spring renewal. The Illuminate Brand-on-Tap is a semi-custom Spring brand ready for you to take it and make your business glow! Take a closer look here.
By stepping outside your comfort zone, you can revitalize your brand to build an engaged audience. Remember, this is your chance to start fresh and reignite your brand’s potential. So don’t wait any longer; take action today and watch your brand blossom.
As the acclaimed artist Claude Monet once said, “I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.” So why not let Spring inspire you to revitalize your brand?
In conclusion, a strong brand personality is critical for success in today’s ever-changing market. So, as you enjoy the new beginnings of Spring, assess your brand. Then, make any necessary adjustments to maximize its impact.
Let your brand shine and leave a lasting impression! 
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