Dare to use red in your personal brand to create a lasting ripple-effect

Being seen in the ever-changing online world is getting tricky, isn’t it? Sometimes it feels like you are on a tiny boat navigating a storm. One moment you know your stuff, see safe land on the horizon, and think, “I got this.” But then, a gigantic wave of changes (algorithms, AI, and more) throws you offshore, and you’re back to square one. Yep, it’s stormy out there.
It is not impossible to rise above the noise online in the current environment. Personal branding is on center stage, and it’s not going anywhere. It’s growing like mushrooms! It is about what you do, your vision, how you present yourself, and connect with others.
Your uniqueness is a gem for establishing genuine relationships and making a lasting impression. And to capture your audience’s attention, you must use the right colors. With colors, you bring your personal brand to life by creating an atmosphere aligned with your message.
However, aren’t you tired of being told that some colors are inappropriate for your brand? Are you ready to break the mold with a bold color choice that reflects your true self? So, let’s bust the myth of “professional” colors and bring intense red into your branding. Yes, red—the hue of passion, love, and energy. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or executive, red guarantees confidence.
In this article, we’ll delve into the psychology behind the color red. First, we explore ways to incorporate it into your branding and when to avoid it. Then, we give examples of brands that use red with a bang. By the end, you’ll understand how this fiery color ignites your personal brand to an imaginable level.

Red creates an obsession-worthy personal brand

For a long time, red was on top of the world. However, artificially producing red was so difficult that it was considered as precious as gold. In fact, red was the “alchemist’s gold,” what they wanted most to create—the golden red.
With the rise of minimalism and pastels, the once-color of kings fell out of grace. Yet, red evokes strong emotions in people. If you want to let go of wishy-washy and blend visuals, use this rebel color as an attention-grabbing hue.
So, think about it as a provocateur agent for your brand because red is as bold as it gets. It’s the color of passion and exciting danger. When used strategically creates an instant emotional response, bringing energy, confidence, and strength to your brand.
Next, let’s see how to incorporate red and make it work for your brand.

Dress your brand to impress with that little red dress

I always have a pop or two of red in my hair. Do you know why? It gives me a little nudge to tap into my inner warrior and face challenges. And nothing gives you more confidence than a stunning designer red dress at a cocktail party. So how to make this work for your personal brand?
First, consider using red as an accent rather than the dominant color in your brand. In this way, you create a sense of energy and excitement without the overwhelm. Another way is to use red to draw attention to the specific design element. For example, it could be a particular word in your logo. Or the message in your tagline. Or to create contrast and visual interest.
Finally, consider using red in your marketing materials. For example, using red in social media or newsletter graphics creates excitement and urgency for your audience.
So, red creates a sense of confidence and strength for your brand. But, then, when to avoid it? We explore it next.

When red becomes your brand’s worse enemy

In some situations, red might not be the best choice for your brand. For example, red may create a conflicting message if your brand is focused on calmness and relaxation. Or, if your product or service is geared towards children or families, using red may be too aggressive. But it may be fabulous for a kids’ sports team.
So, your brand is not only about you. It’s about your audience and customers. So, delve deep into the message you want to convey before incorporating red into your branding.
Using red in the wrong context can cause your brand to appear as crazy as a cocaine bear. But is it aligned with your brand message? If the answer is yes, by all means, go for it. Your audience needs a solid and memorable brand that can change their lives. And this is the point, isn’t it?
Now, look at some examples of brands that rock the red to keep you begging for more.

Brands that break the mold with red

Suppose you’re buying a Ferrari and waiting two plus years for it. In that case, you probably want that iconic red hue Rosso Corsa to embrace the brand in all its glory. But red is not only used by Dolce Vita brands.
One of the most well-known examples of successful red branding is Coca-Cola. The company has used the signature red color since 1890, which has become synonymous with the brand. The bright red color is bold and attention-grabbing, making the brand recognizable from a distance.
And the famous bullseye of Target could not be in any other color than red, right? The US retailer has used red as their primary color since the 1960s. The use of red portrays the brand as confident, bold, and energetic.
And, while you binge on Netflix, look at their logo. The streaming service uses a simple, sleek, bright red logo. Here, red conveys excitement and energy, matching the company’s entertainment focus.
Christian Louboutin’s trademark red soles in the fashion industry undoubtedly catch your eyes when strolling in the city. The use of red adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the brand, making it immediately recognizable from other ordinary shoes. Now, who does not want that flare?
As you can see, red is still alive and well and breathing success at every turn.

Before you leave

Incorporating red into your branding can be a game-changer when standing out from the competition. By understanding the psychology behind the color and strategically using it, you can communicate confidence, energy, and excitement to your target audience.
Therefore, if your brand message relates to red’s emotions, there’s nothing wrong with adding a few pops to your brand. The color for the sexy, strong, bold, self-starter, passionate, and courageous. If this is something your brand stands for, the inner story you want to share and help people with, just dare to use red!
So go ahead and try it – embrace the power of red and see how it can help you achieve your dream of success. As author Karen Haller says, “Red is not just a color; it’s an attitude.” So let your personal brand’s attitude be one of success.