The winter brand personality is glorious in bold extremes

Branding Dispatch

Seasoning all senses with the seasonal brand theory

Picking your final brand logo, color palette, and fonts, and the little details we can’t get enough? Brutally challenging, aren’t they? I see self-doubt and second-guessing taking charge of my clients. It happens to me as well when creating my brand. You want something different, and things don’t look quite right.
You want a brand that is rooted in who you are. A brand that communicates your story, vision, what you stand for, what sets you apart—YOU, in all its glory.
You want a brand that creates a memorable and instant connection. Your audience only has 5 seconds to decide whether to stay or leave forever.
As much as intuition is part of branding, ultimately, it needs a strategy to work. Otherwise, you are throwing spaghetti at the wall and wishfully thinking it will be “al dente.” Practical tools can help create your brand visual identity like there’s a science to boiling pasta.
One is the seasonal brand theory, which I learned from Fiona Humberstone. When you define how your brand will be experienced, pair it with a season with a particular set of traits. Those inspire everything, from the website’s language to the photography style and colors.
I love the framework because it uses relatable seasonal traits occurring in nature throughout the year. We unconsciously connect to these traits, and they invoke all senses. Thus, there’s a natural flow between the brand and the perceptions and emotions of the audience.

The Winter brand personality takes drama to its boldness level

Here is when the real magic starts: building a brand personality. It is created around your brand values and the benefits you give to your clients.
Then, how do you want your audience to feel? What do they experience when interacting with your brand? Do you want them to feel excited, grounded, or peaceful?
So, Winter is in! The darker and colder days call for introspection. With the Winter solstice, the days grow longer, and more light starts coming in.
The New Year is around the corner. We pause, taking a moment to reflect. We decide what is no longer our truth and what’s worth bringing to life in the year ahead. So, there’s a fire inside us, a sense of rebirth.
At a high level, Winter is a “go big or go home” kind of brand with its bold and extreme contrasts. Nature is bare outside, with striking contrasts; think about the trees contrasting in the snow and the icing blue sky.
Thus, the Winter brand personality has two different sides. It can be grounded, uncompromising, or dramatic, luxurious, and glittery. Whichever the wintery side you are, you are always bold and confident. These are non-negotiable!
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The Winter brand personality is a must-have for business and finance coaching, tech, and high-end fashion or travel brands. They are decisive, self-assured leaders who get things done. A distinctive trait is their love of drama; edgy is their middle name, which creates interest and depth in the brand.
As expert leaders, Winter Brand personalities see the big picture and the tiny details at the same. But, what they do best is to communicate it with a brand voice that is confident, direct, and to the point.
To know when your brand has a Winter personality, check these keywords that sum up its essence: strong, dynamic, dramatic, focused, uncompromising, luxurious, opulent, lavish, glamorous, theatrical, decisive, expert, grounded, self-assured, cutting edge, visionary.

Let the extremes of the Winter brand personality shine for your audience

After defining your core brand personality, let’s put a “face” in it. The guidelines and examples below are mere inspiration. Take what you love, and let your imagination fly!
Winter brand color palette
If you love a black-and-white contrast, Winter is where you can freely use it. Overall, the colors of the season are clear but intense. Forget the pastels and enter saturated and bright colors. The word of the day is coolness with fabulous ice blue, metallics, and neon.
Winter brand fonts
Continuing with the extreme and contrast theme, you can choose thin or thick fonts. Regardless of the style, the fonts have clean and strong lines. In this way, the message stands out, confident, and smooth.
Winter brand graphics and textures
Your minimalistic crush is perfect for the Winter brand graphics and textures! These are great to make your brand stand out as they add variety, more interest, and grab attention. So, they enhance your brand experience and consistency.
Both Winter graphics and textures are bold and geometric. Although you can go for a minimalistic look, you can incorporate intricacies if they are the best way to convey your brand experience.
Winter brand photography style
The photos are dramatic to keep up with the experience of the winter brand personality. Photography features stark contrasts and simple lines. Their theatrical flair comes from the unique prop arrangement and sharp, strong lines. You may elevate the look of a plain white or black background with luxurious marble or bright flashes of color.
So, during Winter, we all feel cozy and warm. We want to relax in the comfort of our sofa, curling up by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa. Yet, if we follow nature’s cues, we can add more to the winter brand personality. It is the fiery personality of rebirth, elegance, sophistication, and luxury. Is this the one for you?