Becoming a mother defined me, beautiful, fun, lots of learning (even when your brain is fried out from the sleepless nights) and lots of trial and error:) But, we do it with joy! I bet you know this well too! As an article from Osho points out: “Just to give birth to a child is one thing — to be a mother is totally different …to be a mother needs great art, needs great understanding. You are creating a human being – that is the greatest creation!”. So true, parenting needs great art from both partners for sure!

Whether you’re starting out your “motherhood full-time job,” or not even thinking about it or re-defining yourself, I would like to share a message from my beautiful client @doctor_cleopatra that I love:“The critical truth that no one tells us is that love, fertility, babies, Motherhood, and success, in general, are a lot like happiness. We can’t force them, but we can help to create and shape them. We can choose to prioritize and nurture them if we decide that they are important to us.”

If this message resonates with you too, check Cleopatra’s beautiful work @doctor_cleopatra. She is on a mission is to magnify the love and goodness in the world by using science, wisdom, and bliss to support women at every stage of The Mommy LifecycleTM in creating the families and the lives of their dreams.

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