Are you ready for the world to love
 your brand as much as you do?

Then, I’m ready to play Cupid. Let’s get started!

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You have a story to tell and a vision to
make the world a better place to live.

To achieve your goals, you know you need a magnetic brand to stand out–the online world got so much cluttered and noisy lately, didn’t it? Not an easy peasy task anymore as the gurus keep telling us.

Because, a brand should be two things: beautiful and functional.

Get the beauty part right, but not the function?

And you’ll be left with an identity that looks good but falls flat.

Zero phone calls, zero inquiries, zero of the things you need to make the business work.

Get the function right, but skip the beauty? And you’ll be left with a brand that is obvious… but awful.

No one can read your words or understand your message because they’re too distracted by an unappealing design.

They just get “a gut feeling” and decide not to pursue it any further.

But, you shouldn’t have to pick:

A brand that works …or a brand that bewitches?

A brand that’s cheap …or a brand that’s gorgeous?

A brand that’s cookie cutter …or brand that’s custom?

Normally, you can’t have it all…

When it comes to YOUR brand, you actually can. (Don’t tell.)

The thing about beauty and the thing about function is that you need both in order to build a brand that doesn’t just talk the talk–but walks the walk nicely.
That’s what we call “branding.”

That’s why Branding Collective marries (and French kisses) creativity+logic+magic dust (yours) to craft your brand
based on your story first and then tackling the “visuals” in a way that most other design firms skip.

That’s simply not a risk anyone should take. Not when it comes to your baby.
Not when it comes to your one shot (not tequila) to get this thing right.
After all it’s about your calling, your purpose!
We don’t leave that to chance (nope, we delve deep with you.)

how it works

Your brand story is your story to tell. So many business owners don’t know which parts to wear on their sleeve and which parts to keep close to their hearts.

But, it’s not all about you, you must account your tribe in too. Knowing their heart, soul, desires, and match your gifts with what they need from you is key.

Then, you want the tip of the iceberg, the cherry on top of the cake, a brand identity is more than just a set of hex codes, fonts, and logo usage guidelines. It’s the heartbeat, the breath, and the soul of your business.

A visual brand is your flagship, the logo, the fonts, the colors, what your tribe see first. It fosters connections and engagement before people read or hear a single word from you.

Through a wildly fun process that marries scientific assessment and open-hearted creativity, we’ll map out your brand story in all its beautiful glory.

Together, infuse your brand story into your brand identity. We’ll love up your logo, tickle the pixels, the colors and infuse life into every single detail.

Embrace metamorphosis with art & science (and, yes, magic too),
your brand will come fully equipped with:

Brand Story

Vision, mission, values, message, story arc, voice, origin story, tribe, social media content.

Brand Identity

Mood-board, color palette, logo system, business card, brand photography, patterns, social media templates.

In all, this creative process takes between 6 to 8 weeks,
in which time you’ll see your brand transform into a
confidence-boosting, success-hungry being.

When we’re done, not only will you have blissful clarity
on what your brand story is, but also you’ll have all the creative assets
you need to share it with your tribe–your brand is in motion!

Have questions? Good!

Let’s set up a virtual coffee date.