Turning meh brands into magic with story and beautiful design

Brand rescue here


You need strong branding to stand out and have your powerful message heard.


You’re sick of the cookie-cutter, templated tools everyone has used to death.


So much of digital branding today is lacking humanity, passion, and authenticity.


Branding Collective is a boutique design studio where the beauty of imagination french kisses the business of function… as a policy.

Where the artwork on the screen nods approvingly at the science of the sale… and makes room for both.

Where originality (eagerly) locks eyes with profitability–and refuses to break the stare.

And, where no brand is ever just another brand, but a living, breathing, pulsating, pixel-panting representation of your most brilliant thoughts, ideas, layers, feelings, emotions, desires, philosophies, beliefs, imagination, knowledge, expertise & sun-blinding hopes for the world.

I’m Olga Maria, a Portuguese-born, American-based, and world-made branding expert. After years in the microscopy lab + more years as a designer and artist, I’ve developed a push-pull process of co-collaboration that brings the most exquisite, intellectual, and visually stunning elements of you together in a one-of-a-kind brand.

My mission is to mix together your special spice with my boundary-breaking creativity and whip it together into a brand that takes your business to new peaks.

We don’t do cookie-cutter around here. In fact, our work together will have you shattering stereotypes, stomping on the status quo, and pushing competitors to the periphery.

We’ll laugh, we’ll rant, we’ll bond, we’ll connect, we’ll explore new facets of you and your business, and we’ll enjoy countless “aha!” moments along the way. In the end, you will show up in your brand – not simply as the face beside it.

I’m here to bring your brand to life to life.

That the best brand isn’t just a brand. 
It’s humanity in disguise.